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At CampWest, there are many accommodation options as such. Cabins, large communal tent or bring your own tent. There is room, kitchen and aktivity room that may be used for free. Access to large water park are included the price which starts from only kr. 75 per. person.

The area offers a wide range of options, here just a few eksembler:

The refugee camp ano 1945: Towards the end of the Second World War, Europe was experiencing huge population movement away from the horrors of war. 250,000 civilian refugees came to Denmark from Germany in a few months in winter and spring 1945. At the liberation in May 1945 it was decided to intern refugees in large camps, the largest of these camps was located in Oksbøl. Here lived up to 36,000 refugees at a time so Oksbøl in practice was Denmark's fifth largest city in the late 1940s. A big city behind barbed wire.

Tirpiz: In the beautiful landscape of dunes south of Blåvand is a new attraction under construction, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. Tirpitz will provide educational experiences and world-class architecture. One of Atlantic Wall largest gun positions should have been at Blåvand, but it was never the case when the war ended before the bunker was completed.

The new museum will accommodate a variety of different experiences: - Come on a dramatic journey through time from the ice age to the present day. - Dive into the unknown stories of smugglers by Ho and disaster in Blåvand. - See the treasury with the most amazing amber finds and hunt for bugs in the 40 million years old ravskov. - Meet the people who built Hitler's Atlantic Wall, and the soldiers and civilians who lived in West Jutland during the war. - Go hunting with lamp and audio guide for the good stories that are hiding in the concrete in the old bunker.

The first major exhibition in the new museum will be an exhibition on mine clearance after World War II. In addition the museum has purchased props and scenery from the great movie "Under the sand" that won a Robert for best Danish film in 2015. The film was shot in Blåvand.

Sports Stay: Large swimming and leisure pool, sports center, fitness center, mountain bike tracks, Indoor BMX, Tree Climbing, Abseiling, Shooting, Laser Game and adventure race are just some of the many possibilities for an active experience.